Triggering samples: Sample track vs HALion/Kontakt

Hi, I’m a keyboardist looking at rebuilding my live setup (backing tracks, VST instruments and DMX) in VST Live.

I’ve been reading the manual and am trying to figure out how best to use Sample tracks. Most of my sounds are hosted in Kontakt at the moment but as many of them are just a single WAV file mapped across a key range, would I get better performance triggering these from a sample track?

Also, can sample tracks be enabled/disabled for different song sections like instrument layers can?

Hello @MorayM,

welcome! You could create for each single WAVE file a Sampler Track (ST) inside the TRACKS. And you are using one MIDI device? Then you would need to configure the Note-Input range for each ST. Let’s assume you want to trigger one ST with C3 only. Then it would like this :

Sampler Tracks are always enabled in each song.

I hope that helps,

Hi @Spork that’s really useful. I’m just using one MIDI device, normally with 2-3 different sounds mapped across it per song. I presume sample tracks are much lighter on system resources than a full HALion/Kontakt instance?

… I am sorry, but I do not know which one is “lighter” with a single sample assigned.