Triggering staccato samples in Expression Maps

Some VSTs, like EWQL pianos provide a specific CC number for triggering staccato samples, which is great when working with Cubase’s Expression Maps. But what do I do with VSTs (like Imperfect Samples) that have separate staccato samples, but seem to be triggered only by short note durations?
How do I tell Cubase to shorten the note’s duration whenever it sees the staccato dot notation?

The VST Expression Map can accomplish that too, but only down to 20% of the note’s original length. Obviously, that has no meaning while actually playing live, but, once recorded, why don’t you just shorten those notes anyways?

Okay, I found the Length setting in the Output Mapping section, and it seems to work for what I want. Thanks.
And I don’t like to shorten the MIDI lengths because I mostly enter notes in the Score Editor, so the staccato mark is simpler and neater (no extra rests…).

Easily resolved with the Display Quantize tool (e.g. set Rests to “4” for that passage :wink: )