Triggers lost after "Undo"

I create 4 parts with trigger:

I move the Part 4 at first position => Part 4 has now trigger 1.1.1 but all the parts before part 4 have lost their trigger (normal behavior ?):

I click on “Edit > Undo Move Part 4” => Part 4 is as before with his good trigger but other parts have lost their trigger.

Good finding! Will be fixed with the next update, thanks.

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Similar issue with UNDO.
In Midi track, I create a new midi track, I configure Input and Output. I click on Undo, then Redo : The input and Output are reseted.

Worse !!

I record several Midi parts. I click on UNDO, then REDO… All the midi parts have been reseted, they are all empty :frowning:

While that is true with the very first track (will fix)…

…cannot reproduce this one. How exactly do you do that?


I don’t know how it happened but it happened lol…

I tried again to reproduce but without success…

Still the issue.
I set first input then output for midi track.
I click on UNDO, output is reseted. I click on REDO, output is still empty instead of back with the previous selection.