Trilian lateness

Dear Forum,

what is the cause in Cubase 3.5 playing/writing Basssounds with “Trilian” (Spectrasonics) too late?
No mastering plugins, nor plug ins on the particular track involved. Cubase/Trillian being pro purchase quality intended products

Recognized it after the bass did not fit my recording performance of overdubbed guitars, as I am pretty tight player to some click. Hope, the solution will help younger players, too. It happens pretty fast to doubt the own skills on a instrument, you know, when faulty alignment for whatever reason is involved…
→ Where is the user error, if it´s not a too intuitive approach?

Seems to be pretty high offset. Where can I measure the ms in Cubase menues?


Trilian and other modern sample libraries may include noises from playing the instrument such as finger and string picking/bowing noises before the note is actually played. You can compensate for that by setting up a negative Track Delay. This will ensure that the notes are being played in time during playback.


You can find the note delay by opening the Sample Editor, setting the ruler to Seconds and making a Range selection.

For this Studio Bass note, a negative track delay of either -11ms or -15ms might make sense. In some libraries, the delays can vary a bit per note.

In Trilian, you can also modify the sample start point in the Oscillator page. This will reduce the note delay at the cost of some realism, but it’s helpful when playing the notes in real time using a MIDI controller.

Ja, I feel this way too. The idea losing some realism for a proper live feel ist okay for me. Found the time setting of the ruler, too. The delay is around 33ms which is a lot in sound engineering terms. I did not have these issues in other bass libs this much…

Anyways. THANKS a lot for your quick infos and help as it seems not to be a user issue, which was inmportant to know.