Trill line doesn't change shape after changing speed

Dear all,

the speed properties of my trill lines are not represented properly anymore. Any change results in the same standard line. (see “current state.png”, Langsam means slow, Schnell means fast)

First I thought it was because I switched the music font to MTF-Cadence, but an old PDF export shows that it was indeed working with this music font before. (see “state before.png”)

It works well in new projects, as well as switching music fonts there. Any idea, which setting I could’ve touched?


state before.png

Can you cut your troublesome project down to a bar or two that reproduces the problem and attach it here so we can take a look?

yes, of course, sorry, I thought I attached it already. (Late night working…)
piesn o swicie trill line (594 KB)

I dug a little more into this:
I imported the flow into a new project, which seemed to resolve the issue.
I then changed the font there to MTF-Scorlatti by Music Type Foundry. The bug reappeared and there was no way of getting it back again (except cmd-z). So I assume, it is a problem with changing the music fonts. Other fonts like MTF-Cadence work fine.
It must have happened to me while trying out these fonts.

Since I already did some engraving work, I of course rather would not work from a new file, but for now, I think I will go this way…

I just realized that this bug is gone in 3.5, thanks to the developers! (Although I didn’t see it in the version history)
Changing Music Fonts now therefore is of no more danger. :slight_smile: