Trill line (randomly) missing in parts

Hello. In my score I have some Flute trills (tr with lines). Most of them appear when editing the Flute part but although the “tr” appears sometimes the line does not. What might be happening? Thanks for all suggestions.

Maybe, Filter all the Ornaments & Trills then Reset Appearance/Reset Position…

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Solved … maybe. In the lower zone of the Flute part I had to turn on “has trill line” even though it’s already on in the full score. Thanks @NorFonts for your other suggestion.

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Reset Appearance/Rest Position is your key whenever you encounter something looking oddly. You’re welcome!

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Hiding/Showing trill lines is a local property, meaning if your property scope is set to Locally when you set it, the change only happens in the layout you’re viewing at the time.

Set the scope to Globally prior to changing the property to make the change affect all layouts, or if you only realise afterwards, use propagate properties.

@Lillie_Harris Thanks. Will do.