trill line without "tr"

Is there a possibility to get a trill line without the “tr”? Or, can I hide the “tr” of a trill with line?

Since you cannot select the “tr” without the trill line, even in Engrave mode, I do not think it is possible !

Thank you for your answer! I have to write a accordion score with many “vib.” followed by a trill line (please look to the attached png). Does anyone know a workaround?
Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-23 um 00.50.40.png

You could write it using the shift+x workaround… Select music text in the upper right field, and copy paste from
You could choose different possibilities there !
Capture d’écran 2017-05-23 à 01.01.38.png
Hope it helps !

Yes, this will help! Thank you very much!

You CAN have a trill without the line. Go into engrave mode. There is an option marked “Has trill line”. You can turn that on and leave it unchecked and the line will go away.

EDIT I misread your original post. Don’t know about the line without TR. Sorry.

Couldn’t you just use a gliss line sideways?

Gliss line doesn’t work for this—not just that the placement is wrong, but that it has to attach to two notes, and sometimes there’s only one note… I would love to have an option for “squiggly line only” :slight_smile:

  • Trill.png

This should be a straightforward option in Dorico. In FInale, one simply selects the appropriate Smart Line from a collection of such lines and draws the squiggle as desired.

Once again, this is very illogical hassle and just a plain waste of time!
Why do I have to go into Engrave Mode to change those features? It takes up too much time.
Why can’t I select either a regular “tr” w/o a line (just the way I would select an articulation symbol) or alternatively a “tr.—” with a line?

It is weird features like these, that still substantially slow me down in Dorico.

Comprehensive implementation of all sorts of lines is coming; but the Dorico team hasn’t gotten to it yet.