Trill playback (when you alter the interval)

Greetings. I am using 3rd party playback libraries (mostly vsl), and I have my expression maps etc. set up correctly so that I have both sampled whole step and half step trills assigned. I am noticing that if I alter the playback interval below - e.g. choose major 2, when the default is a minor 2 - I don’t get any trill playback at all. If I leave to the default (I’m in no key sig - and not sure exactly how Dorico chooses what it thinks the interval should be), the trills work, whether the interval be a whole or half step. Am I missing something?

Dorico only has special playback techniques for half-step and whole-step trills; for anything else, you can define your own special playback techniques if you have other intervals available. You’ll then need to add playing techniques (presumably hidden) that correspond to those intervals to trigger the sounds in your sound library.

Thanks Daniel! In this case, though, I am only using 1/2 or whole trills. If I manually change the interval of the trill (either from half to whole, or the other way), neither trill keyswitch is triggered.

Have you definitely got those trill playback techniques set up correctly in your expression map?

with VSL, the half and whole note trills will definitely work fine if they’re both in the Expression Map as in the screenshot below from my own one for the solo violin as an example.

My guess would be you maybe forget to include the entry for the whole note trill or that you did a typo in the keyswitch entry.

Thanks guys!
Yes - turns out I had it set up slightly incorrectly. I had keyswitches for trill and trill (whole step). I needed to replace “trill” with “trill (half step)” - now it’s working!