Trill sign in parenthesis / other inputting questions

Hi there,

A few questions:

  • Is there a way I can parenthesise a trill sign? I’m talking about the ornament itself here, not the specific trill notes. I.e. (tr). I had a quick search but all I could find were topics covering trill notes in parenthesis. Do I have to create a custom ornament?

  • When inputting into multiple staves (incredible feature, by the way, thank you) is there a way to specify the octave before inputting a note when working with a (qwerty) keyboard? I like to input the correct note immediately, rather than having to respell the octave just after inputting it (i.e. use shift/ctrl - alt and then selecting the pitch, rather than inputting the pitch and then using ctrl-alt-up/down arrow key to change the octave after input)

  • Is there a way for me to set the beaming rules so that dotted rhythms are beamed together the same as eight notes would be? Or is this something I have to manually beam every time?



On a Mac, you can type control-lettername to force the lower octave, and alt-shift-lettername to force the upper octave. John Barron discusses this and a bunch of other useful shortcuts on his latest Discover Dorico video, on youtube.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you. Yes I’m quite aware of this feature, I have been using it extensively - however the problem occurs when inputting into multiple staffs, then it simply doesn’t work.

There’s no official way of parenthesising the trill symbol, but it’s quick to build as a custom playing technique.

I suggest that if you don’t use turns, modify them in the Symbols Editor. Turns respond to the accidentals choices available on the Properties panel. I was in a situation where this helped me a lot.

It may be a while before trills get the benefits of bracketing in a Dorician manner. Trills are smart in Dorico, and brackets would have to be sensitive to trill lines, auxiliary notes, Hollywood notation etc… I have a feeling it’s not a simple issue

I wish it was possible to parenthesize anything. The only thing that it currently seems possible to do is dynamics.


I have created my own custom playing technique (thanks for the suggestion, pianoleo! Was super straightforward and easy to do).

Can anyone help regarding my inputting to multiple staffs problem?

There’s nothing you can do about this at the moment. I’ll need to talk to Stefan, who takes the lead on the note input/editing side of the program, about it, but he’s taking a well-earned break until next week.

While arranging several pieces of Strauss, I also need parenthesised trill signs. I will be happy with this feature!
(Temporally, I made a custom symbol in Playing technique)

May I bother anyone to give detailed instructions on how to create a parenthesized trill symbol in custom playing techniques? I’m looking in the editor and see a loooonnng list of mostly arcane notation categories, but strangely no simple “Ornaments” or “Trills.” This symbol is also not in “Precomposed trills and mordents” or “Other baroque ornaments.” Many thanks in advance for any help.

The 23rd item on that list is Common Ornaments. You’ll find a common trill in there.

Thanks very much for your reply. I’m afraid I can’t seem to find the list at all now. I thought I took the exact same steps but apparently I’m lost somewhere in the interface. Could I bother you (or anyone else) to give me, and perhaps others who might be looking for the same thing, a walkthrough?

Here you go.

Thank you, Leo, that was extremely helpful!

I guess I should clarify that I was lazy about adding the bracket glyphs directly from the Academico font. If you use the Text section for those, you can tell Dorico to use any of the preset font styles; that way, if you later update that font style Dorico will automatically update the Playing Technique(s).

Thank you!