Trill signs on the timpani and the instruments ??

As is well known, solo instruments trill differently from the timpani. The Timpani typical of course only with the same notes. Is there a basic setting where I can notate the timpani trills without auxiliary notes and the others with, without having to edit each trill on the timpani individually. So to speak a special trill only for the timpani. Maybe this question is a bit stupid but I just noticed it while working with these trills.
Thanks …

You should find that if you have a unison trill, as you would write on the timpani, it won’t show you an auxiliary note anyway, by default.

I understand the argument, that’s right. But when I write a trill into the timpani, it is not automatically a “unison trill”, or ?? because I have chosen the trill setting for the score with auxiliary notes. For the timpanist it is, but not for Dorico. It shows me the interval, unless I change the interval to “unisono” afterwards …then the auxiliary note disappears. That was my question… I’m sorry

Timpani don’t trill, they roll (single note tremolo). Unless you want to reproduce old, obsolete notation, I’d suggest you use the modern notation - a 3 stroke tremolo.

The old notation had the nice property of making a clear distinction between a measured tremolo and an unmeasured roll notated as tr.

Thanks for the ideas. I don’t want to prolong the discussion unnecessarily. The notation for the timpani with trill or tremolo is used very differently. For example, Dvorak with trill, etc.

My wish for Dorico would be to generally exclude auxiliary notes for the timpani. Nothing more…
See here:

Dorico nevertheless remains my preferred program.

In case you haven’t already come across this for now, you can change the interval of trills after you’ve input them, so you could change your timpani trills to have a “perfect 1” [unison] interval.

Lillie, is there anything that can be typed into the Shift+O popover that results in a unison?

I was just checking that this morning - not currently, but it’s been raised within the team :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you both. Even small things can help the program.