Trille + rallentendo

Super update thank you the team :slight_smile:

a problem , put a trille on one note : it is normal
put a rallentendo on the trille, and the line on the trille, it is playing stangely.


When you’re using generated trills (i.e. where Dorico plays additional notes, rather than triggering a sampled trill), we do now try to adjust the durations of the generated notes to maintain the same played speed as the tempo changes, but it’s not perfect as things stand, and we need to spend some more time in this area.

I understand but the previous version worked very well on this subject and the slowdown was natural for the trills too.
For a piano part that requires a slowing down of the accompaniment arpeggio, the fact that the trill also slows down was well done. And the start and end trill speed options were useful too.
I’m working on piano pieces and have to go back to the previous version just for this problem which makes bouncing impossible.
But I’m monitoring and as soon as it’s resolved, I’ll come back to this latest version which is very good. And the work of highlighting the voices, what a good idea, Bravo to all :slight_smile:

Is there a way to keep the old behavior of trills in the new version 5.1 please ?
(or installing 5,020 and 5,1 in same time and same computer …)


No, at the moment there’s no way to do this, but we will look at adding an option to allow you to choose between the new and old behaviour.


Thank you Daniel,

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello Daniel,
Is the trille option have been resolved with the v 5.1.10?

No, there’s been no change in Dorico 5.1.10 in this regard, but my previous reply on the topic stands.

Ok, thanks you Daniel

You have resolved it,
Thank you Daniel :smiley: