Trills - auxiliary note same as original note


Having come across some situation recently where this would be useful, I was wondering if it would become possible for the auxiliary note of a trill to be shown when the interval is a “Perfect 1st”. As it stands, when this interval is selected no auxiliary note is shown. Attaching some excerpts which demonstrate use of this.


@ViliRobert suggested a workaround using hidden tuplets and rests on a post on the Facebook group.


Thanks for sharing these examples. I’ve made a note of this requirement and we’ll see whether we can easily support it in future.


Thank you @dspreadbury!

@ViliRobert do you think it would be possible to show in greater detail your method here on the forum, so that it is documented for all to see, please?

Hey, has there been any update on this yet?


We’ve not changed the way Dorico behaves with regard to auxiliary notes with perfect unison intervals.


This is how I do it. You can just change the auxiliary note to a diamond notehead instead of the default notehead suggested in the original post.

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I wonder if this will work if I change it to a diamond notehead. Will give it a go. Thank you!

Thank you, this solves it for now!