Trills: Bad detection of playing technique?

I have a divisi staff on which the upper voice is notated with a trill, but it is designated “Natural” in the Play tab:

During playback, my half-step trill expression entry is predictably not triggered. However, Dorico plays an artificial trill using my natural trigger.

I’m confused.

It sounds to me like Dorico is skipping past your expression map entry for trills. Are your playback options for Trills set to Generated Trills or Samples?

Hi David, my settings are set to use sampled trills. They play properly everywhere else in my score. Only this trill on up-stem voice 1 is not using a trill sample.

Even if I were using artificial trills, though, shouldn’t I see the technique at the proper note in the Play tab? Why is it showing “Natural” instead?

I’ve even tried deleting the trill and adding it again. Same thing happens.

It’s could be showing “natural” because you have the wrong expression map for that instrument and the sampled trill expression (whatever it is) isn’t defined. That would also explain why it doesn’t play, of course.

No, I’ve double- and triple-checked my settings. Everything looks fine.

Is the half step trill also in a mutual exclusion group?

Hi Milo,

I’ve just simulated the passage you posted at the start, this time using HSSE and their Flute sample.

  1. The Natural tag appears when the Trill Interval Position is used to define the trill.



As an aside, during this process, Voice 2 is displaying techniques from Voice 1 (this switches to Natural when the Interval Position is changed)

There’s obviously more work required to show things correctly - an issue with trills and an issue about showing the correct techniques for (exploded) voices. I can understand the use of the faded font when showing all voices (although ideally you would show all techniques in use on an all voices lane), but I can’t see its relevance when just looking at a single voice.

  1. HSSE does NOT play the trill back correctly. It’s reading the natural tag and playing an artificial trill. The problem is all tied up with the Trill Interval Position.

FWIW, I couldn’t reproduce 1) and 2) above… it just worked… :question: I always suspect a missing ord. or a mutual excl. group error first, when the PT lane presents a surprising Natural… :slight_smile:

I tried clearing the mutual exclusion groups for the instrument. No luck.

Looks like Mr. Tee has also managed to generate some wonky behavior. I suspect a bug fix is in order.