Trills over a system break

how can I get this trill adjustment to system break.
I can not change the trill line with the engraving tool.
thank you so much

With your rhythmic grid set to a very small value, select the trill in Write mode and press Shift-Alt-left or right arrow to lengthen or shorten it.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually tried this, but I’m fairly confident it’ll work.

Dan, this won’t work at the end of the system as there seems to be a minimum lenghth for the trill line (3 waves). I think you currently cannot adjust this minimum lenghth in Engraving Options.


Thank you for your answers. Indeed I can not decrease the length of the trill line and change the position of the line to the next system.
Never mind.


Clario, you could set trill lines to be hidden by default, and create a custom playing technique that approximates a shorter trill line. You could then modify it freely. A workaround, to be sure, but the Playing Technique Editor is the answer to so many problems!