Trim Flow?

I have some parts in Flow 2 showing “tacet” at their end. In each instance, the tacet bar contains only one measure, but Write/Trim Flow doesn’t delete it, as the Help file says it should. I should add that I have created some pickup bars in these parts, which may be is affecting where the “end” of the flow actually is. Still these tacet bars have the same time signature as the ''regular" bars when I enter notes into them. Doing a Shift-B -1 on the tacets has no effect. Also, in Engrave I’ve set “tacet to end” to show the actual number of bars – but this seems to have no effect on these tacets or on “Trim Flow”.

I’d appreciate learning how to delete these tacets. (Since they’re occuring on a new page, I realize that I can ignore them at printout time – but I presume there’s a better way.)


Have you tried deleting them with the System Track?

If you don’t want tacets to show then just remove those players from the relevant flow(s) in Setup mode.

Trim flow is best used from a full score, as it applies to whole flows, not individual instruments (e.g. it’ll only delete a bar if that bar is empty in ALL instruments).

Thanks to both. I got it work. Partly my problem was due to working with two flows and getting a bit confused.