Trim long capture to match the original source files

I am trying to figure out if there’s a way to copy all the cuts from my pitch to the catch track? Splitting tracks is time consuming. Would love to speed this up. Any ideas on how to do this in WL?

Select all clips and copy/paste. Or maybe I don’t understand your problem…

So basically. I have the reference track for what I am pitching to my analog gear.

Often I use the same settings for most of the tracks. Like my example. So I capture the analog transfer to a track in WL, but then I need to cut up the single LONG track to mimic the actual regions from the reference track.

Is there a simple way to copy all those cuts to the new track print?

I have a REAPER script that does this. It chops up the full recording of a printed album in one pass to match the original source files.

Next time I print an album I’ll post a screen shot of it before I do my additional trimming work to the analog capture.

What about this?

Possibly, but the markers haven’t been set yet as I haven’t cut up the long recording.

Also you cant use the Wizard for markers with a REFERENCE track from my knowledge can you?

You are right. However, you could copy your reference track clips to a standard track, just for the purpose of generating markers.

I will try that for the next album/ep I do tomorrow!

Still wish there was a way to do this easily.

WaveLab 12.020 will have a built-in solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is great news!