Trim mode borked 8.3.15

I’m trying to use trim mode with fill, however when attempting to fill the trim value to the end of the stated zone, it will not do so. It’s most frustrating.

Also Trim with preview seems to be entirely non-functional.

Expected functionality is that when in “preview mode” with “trim” selected, you are previewing the trim data as applied to the automation. When you punch the data, you are punching the trim data into the automation to the required fill parameter.


Yes - it is broken. VCAs and automation are also still broken. Either understand how they destroy your mixes and use them or try to ignore the fact they exist in the software.

is there any reliable documentation that describes how they Actually work rather than how the should work? I’m fairly new to Nuendo, moving over from PT but these automation issues are a bit of a challenge.

If you’re coming from PT there are a few differences I think.

The one thing I recommend is placing automation nodes at the beginning of the timeline before you even bother with automating anything. As far as I can recall more than half of the issues we used to have with VCAs could be resolved simply by using nodes before automating.

I would also highly recommend you take a simple project, like a short commercial or something, and mix it the way you normally would in PT but without pressure (i.e. an old project without a deadline). Make sure you go through all the steps you normally would and pay close attention to Nuendo’s automation system. Some of it is designed better than PT, some of it is on par, some is less good - and as we’ve mentioned there may still be bugs.

AFAIK, there is no reason why Trim mode should work in preview/punch.
Because, in a way, when using trim, you are previewing per definition.
Over here it works.

Fill loop/Trim/move fader => you hear to what amount you are trimming/stop playback => trim is applied to loop.
Exit trim mode => trim is permanently applied.

Also, take a look at the Automation settings (In the automation panel)
You can choose between 3 different behaviors.
Freeze trim on Leaving trim mode, On pass end or manually.
That affects the way you are working.

I did notice some visual refresh problems every now and then; but apart from that, it works here.