Trim Tool?

Cubase 11 - Does Cubase still have a Trim Tool (the icon was a knife)? – If so, I can’t find it on the toolbar, or anywhere else. Thanks.

Of course - See

Steve, I know what the trim tool does – and I’d like to use it again. But as I said, I can’t find it in the Cubase 11 toolbar, and it’s also not in the tool selection pull-down. Where can I find it in Cubase 11? Am I missing something? Thanks.

I posted the manual link to show where to find it – in the midi editors, as opposed to the project view.

Are you saying you don’t see it in the midi editors?

midi editor

project zone

Dave, My apologies, but I still don’t understand. Are there two almost identical tool bars?
The only one I’ve ever used is at the top of the project window (screenshot attached), and to change tools I often right click in the project window – and the trim tool isn’t there. How do I access the other tool bar (the “MIDI toolbar”)? I can’t find anything in the manuals or on-line. Thanks.

In the Midi editors. The Key Editor or the Score Editor.

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