Trimming question

Hi, just want you guys to confirm one thing for me.

When exporting a song from cubase, I have to make sure I leave a bit of space after the song so the reverb tail doesnt get chopped off. The the reverb tail is not “written” into the wavefile I am looking at.

However, after I have exported it from cubase, and I do the trimming of the tails of the song in wavelab, the actual reverb is written into the wavefile isnt it? So I dont have to leave soom room after there is zero wave signal?

So I can zoom in at absolute maximum and trim the end of the song to the point in the picture below, without worrying to cut of the reverb?

I am asking because my plan is to leave some room in front on each song, but leave absolute nothing at the end of the songs, and instead make that post gaps with the splice markers later.

In my opinion, where reverb tails and fade outs are concerned it’s wise to take a look at the waveform at maximum vertical zoom (using the zoom wheel on the right of the audio edit screen) to make sure you’re not trimming too soon. This will show you where the waveform really ends. Some might say it’s wise to leave a millisecond or two of actual silence after the tail at the end of each file anyway… just to make sure things are clean (probably a matter of choice or editing style than necessity).

Regardless of the above you might want to consider doing all the fade outs and trimming in a non destructive way in the montage where you can listen to all the joins between songs in context. In the montage you have fade in and out curves and trimming for each clip, so you could leave your files raw and trim and fade everything there. This may save you some time and eliminate the danger of destructive editing in the audio editor.