Trip for HALion Sonic SE


Trip for HALion Sonic SE was included with Cubase Elements 9.x.

But now it seems it’s not part of Cubase Elements 10.x, only included with Cubase Pro/Artist 10.x.

Is this correct ?

Thanks in advance.

Included in Pro & Artist 10. Not in Elements 10. See comparison chart (virtual instruments section).

Regards :sunglasses:

I’ve seen the chart. That’s why I asked the question here, hoping that it was an accidental omission.

It seems that as the version number goes up, 8,9,10, etc, less is included in the Elements version. So if I upgrade my Cubase Elements 9.5.4 to Elements 10.x, I’ll lose the Trip content in 10.x.


Are you sure Trip was included in C9.x Elements? The reason is that it was originally introduced with the Artist/Pro C7.5 update (there was no Elements 7.5, I believe). Plus, it seems strange that they would remove that because people would still want to run C9.x with their C10 license and I don’t see how the C10 license could authorize the Trip content in C9.x Elements and not in C10 Elements. In your signature you show an Artist 7 license also. Is that correct? Perhaps you have C7.5 and that is why you have Trip? Anyway, something doesn’t seem correct.

If you said you already seen the chart in your OP then I wouldn’t have waisted my time searching for and posting it for you. :unamused:

And to confirm… the chart lists it is not included in CB E 10. The charts for CB E 9.x lists it was included.

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I think it is a mistake because if you look on the features page (not the comparison sheet) and select Cubase 10 Elements and go down to Virtual Instruments, it shows Trip right there. Maybe there are different levels of preset content for the different versions…

Hi, the signature on my profile is correct, Cubase Artist 7.0.7 and Cubase Elements 9.5.41.

The Trip content shows up in my Cubase Elements 9.5.41. The tutorial video below confirms this also.

I guess I’d have to install the trial version of Cubase Elements 10.x and find out for myself.

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend, and thanks for providing the link.

I just checked in Cubase Artist 7.0.7 and the Trip content is available. I’m not sure if it came with Artist 7.x or Elements 9.5.x. I much prefer the presentation in Elements 9.5.41 because content is categorised. In Artist 7.0.7 the content shows up in a linear list.

At some point I’ll install the Cubase Elements 10.x trial to see what’s included. But I’ll wait for the next update because so far reviews seem mixed. For now I’m happy with Elements 9.5.41.

No offense taken… my bad for babbling on about it.

Regardless, I hope it is a mistake and it is included. Please report back if you try it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Great News !

I bit the bullet and purchased the Cubase Elements 10.0.10 upgrade from Elements 9.5.41. Couldn’t resist the low price.

I haven’t lost the Trip content. I guess I’d have to install Elements 10.0.10 on a new machine to really say if it includes the Trip content.

So far I really like the upgrade. It seems that with every new version, Cubase gets better at organizing and presenting the massive amount of included content. It’s a great program for a hobbyist like me.