Trip instrument doesn't load (SOLVED)

Looks like I have a problem with Halion Sonic SE 3. I installed the last update (3.1.10), but the program still shows 3.1.072 version.

And the new Trip instrument is listed but I can’t choose it, it simply doesn’t load.

Any idea? Thanks.

Elements 9.5.21, Windows 7.

Working fine here, and it also shows the correct version.

Make sure that you downloaded the update for Halion Sonic SE 3, NOT Halion Sonic 3.

I reinstalled the update and now it shows 3.1.10, but Trip is still not working.

Try uninstalling “Steinberg Halion Sonic SE Content” and then reinstall it again using the full Cubase Elements 9.5 installer downloaded from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I’ll try, thanks.

Yep, reinstalling did it.