Trip synth has no arp page?

I haven’t checked every Halion instrument but most of them e.g. Voltage, Auron, Trium etc have an arp page showing the usual lane and step grid which can be edited, and various other arpeggiator stuff including loading of factory and user phrases. But when I click on the arp button inside Trip no step lane shows up. If that is how it is supposed to behave it does seem a bit limiting. I am running all the latest updates of of the full Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3.
Another thing I cannot get my head around is that when using the Flexphraser it does not seem possible to call up a factory phrase and then edit it and save it - if you know how to, or do this regularly, please let me know the secret. It is a bit of a creative killer if I find a factory phrase that fits quite well with a piece but requires a little tweaking. I either have to start again with the user phrases or abandon Halion and fire up Omnisphere, just to get on with the composition.
Many thanks in anticipation.

Select patches that have the category ‘Arpeggio’. The others show a blank arp page.