Triple barline option doesn't exist in the barline panel. Bug?

We can input triple barline by typing “triple” into the Shift+B popover. However, the barline panel on the right side of the window does not show it’s option. Isn’t it strange?

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 16.58.00

In addition, Triple barline is not shown in the Default barline type section of the Notation Options, either.

I believe it was added later due to a request on this forum, more or less as an “Easter egg”, since it’s a niche case. So maybe that’s why it didn’t find its way to the panel. You can also enter it by using ||| in the popover.

Yes, I elected not to add it to the panel because it’s an extraordinarily uncommon thing to need.

It strikes me that you could have found the history for yourself, by searching the forum for “triple barline”.

If Dorico were to add an additional barline configuration to the panel, an invisible barline would likely be a more often used alternative.

I did a quick search for “triple barline”, but I missed that old topic, cause it comes out a bit lower in the search result. Thanks for the link.

I’ve understood that triple barline feature was born as a secret thing.
However, the current Dorico manual doesn’t mention that this barline is a secret one, and it is introduced as one of the types of barlines we can input normally. The manual sez

" Types of barlines
There are multiple types of barlines in Dorico Pro, which can all be input, moved, and deleted in the same ways."

Considering from this explanation in the manual, shouldn’t the triple barline option also be in the right panel?

It would be a nice feature! (Even if there is a workaround using the dashed barline with dash length 0.)

I wouldn’t read too much into that introduction from the manual, it’s more a general bit of info to clarify that anything classed as a “barline” is a “barline”, in the same way that both mf and < hairpins are both “dynamics”.

The popover entry for the triple barline is in the manual because it’s a valid entry for the popover, and for better or worse I do my best to be comprehensive (and also it was in the version history).

Daniel has said it was a deliberate choice not to include it in the panel - unless you’re finding its absence to be a significant hindrance to your workflow, I suspect it’ll probably remain popover-only.

What are the disadvantages for Dorico users if there’s one more Triple barline picture in the barlines panel?

Also, are there any other notation symbols (Clefs, Dynamics, Ornaments, etc.) which are excluded from the members in the right panel (because they are rarely used) and can only be input via popover, like this Triple barline?

There is a bit of custodianship going on here. The fact if the matter is, some users who don’t know any better will come along and think, “that looks cool!” and use it instead of a double barline, and then the notation will be incorrect. File this under “advanced user feature.” Not everything needs to be easily accessible all the time.

(We’ve all seen wonky scores online made by people who didn’t know any proper engraving techniques or theory.)

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