triple flats??

I imported some MIDI but forgot to assign a proper key until afterwards. After doing so, I invoked the key command to enharmonically change the spelling globally and while it “mostly” worked, I was just curious about the following:
Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 4.43.08 AM.png
I don’t recall every seeing a “triple flat” before (but correct me if I’m wrong!) Is this just the product of some sort of strange algorithm interpretation? If so, I was just curious if Dorico was working on providing evem more useable results right from the start when enharmonically re-spelling notes globally to avoid things like triple flats (as good as it generally does already work, of course)…

  • D.D.

Dorico does indeed support accidentals up to triple sharp and down to triple flat. They’re obviously unusual, but they certainly can occur.

But why would Dorico interpret a simple MIDI pitch as a triple flat? Why not display Bbbb as simply Ab? MIDI doesn’t convey enharmonic information for pitches, does it?

Dorico wouldn’t ordinarily do so, but D.D. used the “respell using note above” command on the whole flow.