Triplet abbreviation

I’m just wondering what the best way of doing this is in Dorico.
triplet abbreviation.png

I’ve set the attachment to place inline but it only shows the title, not the graphic itself. What am I forgetting?

Here’s one way:

  1. Select 16th-note in the duration panel
  2. Create a triplet
  3. Input two dotted 8th-notes
  4. Select the notes
  5. Edit -> Beaming -> Beam together
  6. Select the numbers
  7. Open the properties panel - activate ‘End position’ and ‘Placement’ (with the first options)
  8. Add the tremolo from the repeat section of the right hand panel

These can be copied elsewhere, but you need to make sure the numbers are included in your selection.

Thanks, andgle, that works. It does take a bit of futzing, though. Here’s the result (including, in the first staff, the way it imported using XML). The bottom staff was entered from scratch. I was able to shift the triplet numbers in the bottom staff by activating the End position setting in the properties panel, although the numbers are then above the noteheads, which looks a bit strange, and I can’t move them to the right. The Placement setting does nothing. Oh well. Only one last question: why are the augmentation dots in five of the six triplets so far to the right? I was able to fix this by selecting the dots and then selecting the Rhythm dot consolidation in the properties panel. Strangely, turning this off again still left the dot where is was. Even undoing all the actions didn’t move the dot back to its first (incorrect) position. Strange behaviour! I was hoping to avoid having to make these kinds of adjustments…

triplet abbreviation 2.png

First off - you might uncheck some of the stuff in the Preferences -> musicXML import dialog. This will give you a cleaner start.

Here’s my default result of your initial example following my guide:

EDIT: managed to hit ‘Submit’ before I was done

Since your second example is different, different settings are needed. The placement property forces the tuplet number to be either above or below, so for your second example, the second setting should do.

The rhythm dots seems strange. My guess is that they align to dots in other staves that are off due to xml import.

For the record, I don’t think you would have these struggles in a clean file. The steps might seem many, but it takes me around 5 seconds. If you need these stuff a lot, you should check out the macro function in the Script menu.

Thanks! I’ll keep experimenting.

Submit your post once. Then in the submitted post right-click on the title, select the option to copy the URL of the link. Edit your post and place the image with


Thanks, fkretlow. I remember now.