Triplet bug? (Solved! No bug!)

I ran into this last night working on a mass. Very strange…

File with instructions is attached.

Triplet (252 KB)
Edit. Sorry. Wrong assumption form my side.

It’s not a bug, and it’s not strange. When you click the triplet button (or type ; and then 3 into the popover) Dorico creates rests to give you room for three triplet notes of the value you’ve selected. Because you’ve selected a quarter note rest, the note value that’s selected by default is a quarter note, so Dorico gives you space for three triplet quarter notes. In this instance you’ve got a barline in the way so Dorico’s forced to give you six eighth-note rests, rather than three quarter-note rests.
If after selecting the quarter note rest you’d selected the eighth note from the note-values (or pressed 5 on your keyboard) and THEN clicked the triplet button, it would give you three triplet eighth rests.

I see… You’re right. My mistake.
Thanks for the clarification.

Dear Rerei,
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Thanks, ReRei ! :wink: