Triplet/dotted grid snap in audio editor [Achieved]

When using the event editor/audio warp/variaudio, snapping only snaps to straight 4th/8th/16th etc this makes quantising for triplet and dotted tempos a lot harder. Currently the only way to achieve this is using triplet or dotted snapping in the main project area, snapping the play bar to the required interval, scrolling to find it in the editor, and then snapping the warp marker to the play bar and do this for every beat.

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I agree. Steinberg, If you don’t have the basics of basic, you’d better get rid of Variaudio and introduce ARA2 quickly.


not exactly a new feature request…it´s about time!

Yes ARA2 would be a great too.

Re: The snap feature, it kinda baffles me why something so simple could be such an ask. I mean it’s not as though the play bar and everything else can’t snap to the grid in triplets already, if I was to guess to enable this feature would be less than an hours work and a few lines of code. If I had access to the programs code I could probably figure out how to do it myself lol

I Believe people have been asking for this since variaudio/audiowarp was introduced at least a decade ago.


+1 Been wanting this for years!! Would be so useful!!



Hello guys,
+1 Here! :slight_smile:

This is an ancient request, which isn’t fulfilled yet.
Yes it’s strange why we have to ask so long for something that must be there by default?
I hope finally they will make it available! :slight_smile:


Showing some love by bumping up this feature request! <3

On the arrange page triplets only show up if you choose ‘Quantise’ settings for the grid. If quantise is set to triplets, then Bars & Beats grid should reflect this and not show straight 1/4 & 1/8ths etc

The code for showing correct grids is in the midi editor, and has been for decades - it just needs copying over to other areas of the program! Another example of the utterly maddening lack of consistency and attention to detail that Steinberg have.

Still not addressed in 10.0.40.

Still not addressed in 10.0.50



It’s the same old curmudgeon once again… I assume this still hasn’t been addressed in 10.5, right?

…but people will hardly notice because they’re too busy changing mixer colours like mad! Projects around the galaxy will be colour coded like never before and us, the half-dozen mortals who use triplets and dotted notes in our songwriting will go on in pain (yes, literal physical pain from so much unnecessary mousing around whenever a 12/8 song emerges just to destroy our tendons and render our patience and tolerance to absolute misery).

Disregarding all that, I’m skipping the 10.5 for now but I’m really looking forward to that improved import tracks feature.

THIS +10000!!! There really is nothing more frustrating than only having half the toolset required to do a satisifactory job in a pro app!


I feel like I should finally change my DAW everytime I get to warp vocals with triplets. Honestly can’t believe it’s still a problem.
Please Steinberg, this simple fix would save us hours of work.

Seems like this is requested often but never done. I would think it would be quite simple to do but I’m not a programmer.