Triplet equals quaver etc

Good afternoon,
Dorico has an elegant feature for notating rhythmic transformation, like « [left arrow] quaver = dotted crotchet [right arrow] », neatly situated above the barline.
I often need this, but in combination with tuplets. Can this be elegantly achieved?

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Not via Dorico’s own Tempo Equation functionality, no.

You could use Florian Kretlow’s Metrico font in Shift-X or System text.

Metrico font is the answer.

Looks perfect, I long to try it!

I answer once more, just to write the words
metric modulation
– as that is a more probable search entry for other searchers.

Thank you, it solved the case!

Thank you for this discussion. I needed to write a sixteenth = septuplet 16th metical modulation (too hard to explain why, but it was the most practical way to notate what I was doing). Metrico in System Text and a hidden tempo mark solved the specific issue, as described.