Triplet macro? How to streamline input?

Hello! Is there a way to streamline inputting triplets (and switching out of it) instead of what I’m doing currently (which is for ex. 1/16 triplets- pressing num4 ; 3 then to switch out of it shift; )

Is there a faster alternative? like creating a macro?

If you want a clean solution I believe @Alexander_Ploetz may point you in the right direction.
Otherwise, try recording a macro and assign it a shortcut. Not sure it would work in this situation, though.

I wrote a Lua library for streamlining tuplet entry and editing.

You will need the ConsoleTools Lua framework to use it, which does come with a bit of initial setup work. But to make a macro available via keycommand you will have to do similar work for a merely static command, while going with ConsoleTools will give you much more flexibility down the road.

The tuplet script @Alexander_Ploetz is very slick as it allows entering different tuplets.

However, for just your example, you could create a user macro within Dorico itself.

Go to Script menu
“Start Recording Macro”
do what you need to input the 1/16th triplet
“End Recording Macro”
Name it, for instance “triple16”

Then you can either use select this macro from the Script menu, or “Run Last script”, or the shortcut Shift-option-command-R, or my favorite:
Invoke the Jump Bar (type j), start to type “run” until you see “Run Last Script” and press return.

Going forward, using the jump bar you only have to type “j” then Return because Dorico will show the last jump bar selection. Alternatively, you could assign your own keyboard shortcut for “Run Last Script” in the Key Commands section.

To STOP the 16th tuplet entry, just press esc.