Triplet problem

Hi, I´ve used cubase for a long time. I think my first encounter with the program was cubase sx3.
I have run in to this kind of problem before, but this is my first time posting a topic about the issue. The case:

I made a song in 120 bpm it switches between 4/4 and 5/4 manily, but the drive of the song is in 8th triplets. one of my riffs mess up the rhythm a tiny bit and to get the grid to line up i got a problem. The thing is that my song skip a triplet at the end of a measure, and i can not get cubase to follow it for some reason. Ive tried to divide the the measure in different time signatures, but cubase cant do the math to let me start the next beat on grid beat nr 1.

Anny help is much appreciated and wanted! Thanx!

Cubase doesn’t do math in that sense, it needs to be told.

So what exactly does the troublesome measure contain?

yes, i know.

Say i make a beat in 4/4 8th triplets, and i skip one triplet at the end of a measure. Then the measuere will be one 8th triplet short. How do i get the next grid to align with the music?

The problem is that the next beat will measure be one triplet to early. And the song will not end up on the grid from this part and onwards.

What signatures did you try?

If the full final triplet is missing, it’s 3/4. If the final note of the final triplet is missing, then it’s 11/8 but with the tempo changed to 180.

So it’s still the calculate tempo thing. No way around this?

Thanks for your reply. I have done this as a workaround for years. But I’m getting a bit tired of this method. And to have to explain to others I work with that this is normal. The program won’t let me do this and that an so on. I’ll stop complaining now.

As long as the number in the tempo track only refers to quarters, there’s no other way. We must multiply/divide the number with 1,5 for the measures of interest. There is a feature request, but I’m guessing it’s very low on the list of things to do unfortunately.

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