Triplet spacing question

Am I doing something wrong here? Or have I already done something wrong?

The music spacing in this example is required to be pretty tight (whole example HAS to fit on 1 page).

I messed with the note spacing change, and moved the quarter note down to 3 spaces. Which allowed to the first line to pretty great for the restrictions I am under.

But as you can see from the line with all of the triplets, there is a lot of space to get the notes as tight as they are on the first line. So why does Dorico forces the last measure to look as crowded as it does?

Is there a way to respace all of the triplets without having to move each note individually?


I feel you have to change note spacing for this line.
Since triplets get per definition more space than 16th notes, Dorico will not squash as many note into your triplet line as into your first line with the 16th notes.

I think Estigy has it right. However, if you want to try another route, I would suggest you to go to the note spacing function of Engrave mode, marquee select all the handles of the first three bars of this line and press alt-left arrow once, to see if it fixes it.

@Estigy: I believe I see what you are saying now. Since these triplets are 8th note triplets, and each 8th note should have more space than a 16th note. A group of 3 8ths (in triplet form) takes up more space than 4 16th notes? I never thought of it that way… I always looked to the space of the quarter note. As in a triplet or 4 16th notes, should occupy the same space as a quarter note. But now I see the error of my ways.

@Marc: Right on the money dude!!! I failed to remember (or didn’t know) that I could marquee select all of those handles. I did it, and it seemed to work quite well. Thanks for the help!