Triplets display for voices 2, 3 and 4

Dear all,

Here is my problem:

As you can see, the display for triplet for my voice 2 is above the one that belongs to voice 1, so I have to systematically go to the option window to change it to put it below, as it should be. But worst, if i want to edit separate parts, I have to do this operation again!!! is there any way it would display correctly automatically, both in conductor and parts scores?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Val,
You should be able to propagate properties.
I kindly invite you to join the french speaking group on FB, Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico, you’ll find some valuable information in French :wink:

Aaaaa bonjour, un francophone, très bien merci je vais aller me renseigner sur ce groupe.

Mais du coup, Marc, où puis-je trouver l’option qui permettrait de rendre tout ceci automatique? Je dois dire que j’ai été surpris que ce genre de chose ne soit déjà activé par défaut.

Meilleures salutations.

Cher Val,
Il semble tout d’abord qu’il y ait un bogue qui affecte les crochets/nombres des triolets dans la version 3 : en effet, avant la mise à jour, il suffisait d’appuyer sur F (flip) pour faire basculer (si besoin) ce type d’objet, or il semble que ça ne fonctionne plus (3.0)
Les développeurs sont au courant, je pense que ça sera réparé dès le prochain update.
N’hésite pas à demander à faire partie du groupe FB, ce forum-ci est en anglais et par égard pour les Doriciens anglophones, il vaut mieux n’y écrire que dans la langue de Shakespeare !

Yes, flipping tuplets with F will definitely be possible again in the next update (I can read French reasonably well, I just can’t write/speak it.)

Dear Daniel,

Thanks a lot, is there any way that it would display automatically under the second voice, or third or fourth?

All best

When importing MusicXML files, I would suggest switching off as many of the options on the MusicXML Import page of Preferences as possible, so that Dorico can do as much automatic placement as possible. Dorico will automatically position tuplets on the correct side of the staff if you allow it to place them itself. You should also be able select your existing tuplet brackets and choose Edit > Reset Position to undo their forced placement.

Well, problem is it doesn’t occur when I’m importing MusicXML files, but when I simply write music in my regular Dorico score page. And if I do flip tuplet brackets in the conductor score, I have to do this operation all over again in the separated parts. If I have a lot of music it takes a lot of time…

So really no way that for second and third… etc voices tuplet brackets would display automatically positioned on the correct side?

You must be abusing voices, I fear, so you’re ending up with multiple up-stem voices. Can you zip up and attach the project so we can take a look?

Dear Daniel,

So here is a frequent situation I have when adding triplets in voices 2 (look at bars 9 and 10, so it does’t “flip” automatically for triplet voice 2 for both staves, I have to do it manually and for very long pieces it’s very anoying, especially when you to have to do the whole thing all over again when you switch from conductor to parts scores). Is there any possibility that would be automatic?

All best
Val (908 KB)

Perhaps in this case you would be better off setting the ‘Placement of tuplets on vocal staves’ option to ‘Placement determined by stem direction’ on the Tuplets page of Engraving Options.

Oooh yes! Thank you, it works indeed, and that was the option I was desperately looking for, thanks.