Triplets in Cubase 9.5

How Steinberg imagined editing triplets in Cubase, if the grid does not show triplets and “snap to grid” does not work correctly if the quantization is set to triplets?!
I’m trying to edit some midi and audio and I feel terrible! :smiling_imp:
What I’m doing wrong? :neutral_face:

It works here.

In the Project Window…
Try setting the Grid to “Use Quantize” then set triplets in the Quantize and “Snap to Grid” on.

In the Editor, open the Quantization Panel, select the Grid and then set the Snap Type to “Grid”.

Thank you. Now it is much easier to work. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to do something similar in the wave editor? Is there a way to set the grid on triplets?

I don’t see a way. What exactly are you trying to do in the Sample editor? Are you trying to use Audio Warp or VariAudio?

I don’t think there is a way to change the audio grid… Kind too bad, actually.

I want to do the quantization of recorded audio and it works very well.

The problem is when I do hit points.
Without grid, it is impossible to determine what to quantize and what not.
I work on swing album now and I have big problems.

This should definitely be fixed in the next update!

Yes. I remember once having a similar problem. I think I was tring to warp a recorded bass track in 5/4 time and the grid in the editor stayed in 4/4 even though I had defined the time sig in the oroject as 5/4. It does seem like they could make some improvements in this area.

Yes, I want to use hitpoints and quantize audio for triplets. Sometimes, just the reference grid is good for what I need - either checking a performance for timing issues, or for when transcribing parts from audio to midi/other.

It’s a pain, but I set the ruler to seconds, calculate how long between triplet notes, copy and paste one set off triplets many times, then change the note value (MIDI). Uggh.

Hi, I also need just to see the triplets grid lines to warp the audio of a rehearsal and construct the guide for the drummer on it. Just the possibility of see them, not even to quantize… ¿Does it work in an older version that I could install during while?
My version is 9.5.3 running in Mac OS 10.13.4