Triplets - no equal distance between notes..

When I write triplets in Dorico, often the distances between the three notes are not equal, but they should…
How can I achieve that?
Thanks for an advice!


Can you give a concrete example in a simple project? Dorico’s rhythmic spacing is usually beyond reproach, so there must be something special happening for the spacing to appear uneven.

Hello Daniel!

Thank you for your quick response!

I attached a little picture, with two triplets, the first is ok, the second not…
Also I attached the beginning of the original file with these two triplets.

First I thought, that it could have to do with the fontsize of the lyrics, but that seems not to be,
because: when I copy this “unequal” triplet to an other file in Dorico, it is correct…? very strange…

I also experimented a little with the note spacing, then it seemed to become better too.

By the way: how can I set all spacings etc in Dorico to default values?

And a hope: Did I understand you right in one of the anwers of the forum, that in the next updates
there will be the possibility, to move notes a little bit right or left (like lyrics… etc) ?

Triplets not equal.png
Gabriellas Sang (220 KB)

OT: lyrics are fått (not fatt) and på (not pa) :wink:

Hello fratveno!

The lyrics are the first attempt, only a quick version, not the last version…
Has to be optimized, shure :wink:


The spacing of the notes in the triplet is disturbed by the lyrics. Using a smaller staff size with a larger lyrics point size exacerbates the problem. You have also started dragging the lyrics around horizontally, which is of course reasonable for you to do, but it prevents Dorico from trying to “wiggle” the lyrics left and right to try to minimise distortion to horizontal spacing.

There’s currently no way to reset the rhythmic spacing in Dorico, because there is currently no way to make it anything other than the defaults, but in the next update you will be able to both edit the rhythmic spacing and reset it if need be.

Thank you, Daniel, for your anwser and the good news concerning the next update.

I think, I can live with these informations!

Dorico is growing and growing, the way you go is the right way!