trombone dynamics

sorry for the many posts, but i have to figure out so many thing to write my arrangement…
i’m writing for a horn section. there is a trumpet, clarinet, trombone and a bariton sax.
the playback works, but for the trombone the dynamics are not played back correctly - it always plays forte.
the other instruments handle the dynamics ok…
is this a known issue?

btw i’m using the library that came with dorico

Only forte? That doesn’t sound right for trombones.

yeah it‘s not a joy to listen to the arrangement like this

Do trombones play anything other than forte? :laughing:

Yeah, but just not below forte!

maybe they built this into elements - so people that write piano parts for trombone have to go pro :slight_smile:

As a trombone player, I suppose I should protest, but we really are at our best at FFF.

The only reason I looked in on this thread was because I wasn’t aware dynamics applied to trombones. I thought this was an oxymoron.

Kudos to the Dorico team for improving the realism of playback by always making the trombones forte or better.

(But seriously,I have not seen this problem. In Dorico, the trombones sound the full range of dynamics for me.)

More helpfully, check that the Trombone track has the correct Expression Map.

My trombonist son owns Dorico Elements (I’m on Dorico Pro), and he also reports that the trombone playback is always loud, even if he inputs quiet dynamics.

ok sounds like a bug then…

i‘m on trial mode and i tried to reinstall dorico pro but it still openes as elements… has anyone achieved to try (trial) elements and then pro?

If it’s something you have to complete within the next 30 days, you could also just do the 30 day trial of Note Performer which I think is infinitely better and easier than using the built-in sounds in Dorico And which will certainly reflect whatever dynamic markings are indicated in the score and play them back…

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I’m pretty sure if you’ve already activated the trial code on your licenser for Elements, you can’t switch over to Pro (not positive).

There’s no difference between Elements and Pro as far as the install (though Pro comes with a larger Halion companion). Dorico detects what license you have running, and activates E or P accordingly when you run the software.

I’m really overstepping now, since I don’t know your workflow needs, but I always recommend Pro. Once you get used to all the control of Engrave mode and related functionality, you won’t want to go back. And if you crossgrade from Finale or Sibelius, it significantly reduces the cost.

Elements is great for students, or for casual hobbyists (and I’m not referring to skill level [!!], but level of involvement and professional requirements). But for everyone else…

thanks for your thoughts!
i‘m really thinking about getting the pro version - but i‘m a bit afraid that there will be a v3 soon and i would have to buy it again… how was the upgrade price from 1 to 2?

I believe the upgrade price is always $99 across versions.

The price to update from one version to the next is not fixed at a particular price, and the price can end up different for different customers depending on what version they’re on (with Cubase, for example, I believe upgrading to Cubase 10 has a different price depending on whether you’re currently on 9.5 or 9.0 or 8.5, etc.). However, if you’re on the latest major version when the new one comes out, your update price will always be the lowest possible price.

As for the dynamics for the trombone in Elements, you might find that simply changing the endpoint in the Endpoint Setup dialog to ‘CC7 dynamics’ is enough to get some dynamics going. Here’s some documentation for that dialog (though it looks a bit different in version 2.2):