Trombone gliss, positions indication

Hello. I am editing a Trombone part in which there is a glissando. I want to suggest for the player what slide positions to use, such as (b4-2). I would like the flat symbol to be in music notation and the rest to be normal text. I have highlighted the lower case “b” and changed it to “music text” but cannot find the code or key to use the flat symbol. All help appreciated.

In Dorico 4, right-click while editing text to open the new handy music character picker.

(#, b and n are accidental glyphs in the old Sonata/Petrucci encoding, but not in SMuFL.)


@Mark_Johnson Perfect. Thank you.

That is fantastic. I was unaware of this. Excellent! That, combined with MusGlyphs - my life is complete! :slight_smile: