Trombone positions with valve indication?

Hello! I apologize if I may have missed it in the manual or here on the forum, but is there a way to indicate the use of a thumb valve for tenor or bass trombones with F attachment? Thanks very much!

See this topic for a discussion about trombone positions and valve indications (further down).

Thanks! Yes, I’d read through that thread - the most relevant post was yours at the end: “O.k., let’s make it even more complicated: One can find indications for the valve (F attachment) as well: V (before or after the slide position) And for bass trombones you can find VV, when you have to use both valves. In Germany you can find Q or QQ instead of V or VV. I know, that Dorico is walking down the semantically correct road, but I think it would be much easier, to allow a prefix and/or suffix to the slide positions (smiilar to e.g, dynamics).”

I tried various permutations of this using both V and T, and with none of them could I get either letter to stick. (Actually T just seems to pull up a fingering indication for stringed instruments.) Does this mean there is currently no way to indicate the trigger/thumb/change valve for a trombone as there is for horn, or am I doing it wrong? The specific use case is indicating an unusual slide position to make a certain gliss work, though I imagine the player would figure it out soon enough on their own - or I bet I could just create the position using generic text input. (By the way, I’m also a horn player and the horn fingering/branch options in Dorico are very impressive.) Anyway, thanks again!