Trouble configuring AKAI MPK mini in Cubase 13 Elements

New problem for this Cubase Newbie
When I upgraded from Cubase 11 Le to Cubase 13 Elements, I became unable to trigger EZDrummer via my MPK mini.
I’ve gone to the Midi Remote tab, it shows that the MPK mini can control record and play functions of Cubase, and that the MPK’s knobs are connected to certain EZDrummer parameters.
I am able to drag midi files from EZDrummer into a midi track and hear audio on playback through an instrument track
However, I can no longer play the drums in EZDrummer via the pads on the mini
I’ve gone to the midi remote manager in Cubase and found non useful information
Any advice will be very much appreciated.

Any control of the Akai that is assigned to Remote Control is blocked for usage elsewhere. The default Akai MPK mini script uses the pads for transport control et al.
I made myself a remote script where only the round knobs are being used, thus freeing the pads for their original usage (ie. whatever you set up in the Akai Program Editor software).

Akai_Knobs Only.midiremote (2.7 KB)

Kindly check the manual on how to import the script.

Hi Johnny,
Thanks so much!
This is as far as I’ve been able to get.
What more do I need to do, to actually free up the pads for use with EZDrummer?
Take care,

You need to disable the old script first.

Got it, thanks!

At this point, the pads are working, but now EZDrummer and the MPK don’t seem to be cooperating. EZDrummer is not allowing me to make the assignments that I want (i.e. not saving or accepting the note values that I assign to a pad). Have you had this problem, or do you think it’s just between EZDrummer and the AKI software and not related to Cubase?

Thanks again!

You either assign the pads to the desired note numbers in the Akai software…

…or you can create a Drum Map inside Cubase, that will route any note created by a pad to another note. (menu MIDI → Drum Map Setup)
Setting up a drum map is a bit of a tedious work but if you always use the same notes in EZ Drummer you should need to do it only once. Kindly check the manual, this forum and the web for guidance on Drum Map creation. basically the I(nput)-Note is what your Akai sends, the O(utput)-Note is what EZ Drummer expects.

Hi Johnny,
Got it, thanks. I think the problem is with EZDrummer. In the past, I’ve had no problem with pad assignment. Recently, EZDrummer stopped working in a number of ways. I’ll see if Toontrack has any suggestions.
Thanks again, for your help!

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