Trouble copying music w/ multiple voices

I am trying to copy music from one piano part to a new piano part I’ve inserted in my score (the first came in, via xml, as two separate instruments).

I’m noticing that if I copy music (using command C) and try to paste into the piano part, in instances where there are multiple voices, it will either only insert one voice, OR, it will divide the existing voices across two staves. So, for instance, if I copy two staves of piano music, but the first has two voices, when I insert into the 2nd piano, I get the two voices of the top staff from the original part spread across the top and bottom staff of the new piano (and the bottom staff goes nowhere).

Is this some expected behavior that I’m just not managing right?

Dorico copies music “instrument by instrument” not “staff by staff”.

If your imported file has two single-staff instruments, it will try to copy it to two instruments, and since the “correct” piano part only has one instrument, so the music for the second instrument is not copied.

Select the music on one staff at a time, and copy it to the correct staff on the new piano part.

If the music on one staff is being split between the staves, do you have a “split point” set for the second piano?

(Sorry, but I never use split points because I don’t write the sort of notation where they are useful, so I don’t know exactly how they work).