Trouble Deploying - Created VST 3 loads with local Ableton, but not loading on machine deployed to

I followed all the steps to load and build VST 3 plug-in using VST3 Project Generator - and loads fine on my local “developer” machine using Ableton Live 11 (trial). My son has licensed version of Ableton 11 but does not see the plug-in after copying on to his computer and scanning for the plug-in.

Using Visual Studio 2022 which creates this folder structure which Ableton points to-

I believe this is what needs to be copied to another machine; however, when copied to my son’s licensed version of Ableton Live 11, it doesn’t see it or load it. I’ve tried copying to different default and VST 3 specific folders as well as marking the files/folders “Unblocked”.

Is there help with Deploying VST 3 plug-ins within the community?

Am I copying the correct folder? Are there other files that need to be registered to see this?

Is this a licensing issue?
FYI: My son is the musician/artist, and I’m just an avid developer. My son is the one that can really put the smoke test and find value or suggest modifications.

This is not a licensing issue. I bet that some dll is missing on your sons machine that is needed to run your plug-in. You can check with the Dependency Walker application which one it is. Most likely some C or C++ runtime dll is missing.

Thank you Arne_Scheffler for your prompt reply. What deployment tools do you use? I think I should try a proper install first before the Dependency Walker

I’m pretty rusty with my C++ development skills as the last time I did it full-time was in the 90’s using C++ Builder. It’s been a very long to since I’ve setup an application install.

I’m fully aware I’ll fall on my face many more times before this is working.

Hi, we have a complete CI pipeline here at Steinberg wich spits out Installers. As IDE we still use Visual Studio 2019 on Windows. But please read cpp-docs/ at main · MicrosoftDocs/cpp-docs · GitHub what you have to do.