Trouble exporting an MP3 on my Mac that will play on my pc

Can anybody tell me how to export MP3 on my macbook pro that will play on my cd player or on my pc? My ancient cubase le would burn mp3s that worked. I’m using 6.5 now and don’t know whether it’s the way I’m configuring my exports or whether it’s a compatibility issue between OS X Lion and Windows format.

That is strange as a plain MP3 should play fine in both worlds as far as I know.

I am PC based so I can not duplicate your issue here. But I wonder what kinds of settings you have on the MP3 in your export? Have you dumbed it down to remove 32 bit float and are sticking with stock settings otherwise?


If one can not get the job done in Cubase internally I would be tempted to use external programs. The names of the escape me now but they exist and work well. Just takes a few more steps to get the output in the format you want.