Trouble exporting audio mixdown in Cubase 10.5

I’m trying to export audio mixdown but the resulting file has no sound. When exporting I can hear the file being played at high speed. I have set the left and right locators to include the whole track, disabled record on the selected track and muted other tracks, and selected Stereo Out as the output channel. The output file gets created in the designated folder but has no sound. I must be missing a simple step–would greatly appreciate your help–thanks!

I uploaded a screen image:

I should add that the input and output instruments for the track that I am trying to record (MIDI 05) is a Yamaha MX88 keyboard. When I “play” the track I hear the MX88 and that is what I am hoping will be recorded by exporting the audio mixdown

How do you hear it? The MX88 produces the sound? With MIDI data from Cubase?

Thanks very much for your reply, Steffen!

The MX88 keyboard is plugged into the laptop where I’m running Cubase via a USB cable. Audio output (1/4 inch) from the keyboard also goes to a mixer board. I’m listening to the keyboard whenever playing it, through headphones connected to the mixer board. After creating the MIDI track in Cubase, when I use the “play” function in Cubase I listen via the same headphones. So Cubase is sending the “play” output from the MIDI track back to the MX88 via the USB cable. That’s the physical setup. Thanks again!

External (physical) instruments need to be recorded in real time… just like a guitar.
This is not digital data but actual audio signal. You need to create an audio track and select your keyboard’s audio inputs, then play the MIDI track and at the same time record the returning audio from the keyboard.

think about it again…how should Cubase record the sound since it has only a MIDI send connection?
There are two choices here… use the USB audio interface in the MX88or record the output of your mixer with Cubase,

The MX88 is an audio interface as well.

I know that already

Steffen and Louis,

Thanks very much. I’m a complete novice and appreciate your help with this. I think what confused me is that when I use the “Export Mixdown” function I AM hearing my track, through the headphones, at a very high speed. So I thought that Cubase must be sending the track to the MX88 to create the sound AND capturing the sound as a WAV (or other type) audio file.

I’m a little confused as to how to feed the mixer input back to Cubase to record the audio file. The only connection to the laptop that I have is the USB cable to the MX88.

If you can give me guidance with this step I’ll be there. Thanks again!

Louis and Steffen,

Thanks very much for your help, that did it! For anyone else that may need help creating audio files from your Yamaha MX keyboard using Cubase, I also found that page 27 of the Yamaha MX88 Reference Manual provides the step-by-step instructions to do it. Thanks again!