Trouble exporting PDF in Tabloid Extra size

I’m trying to export a large score in Tabloid Extra size (12"x18"). The score is shrunk down in the print page:

But it looks fine in the Write page:

What setting am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Hmm. Seems to be something buggy. I literally just duplicated the layout and that one works correctly.

If you are exporting to PDF, the Print Preview page won’t show exactly what the PDF will look like – it pulls from the Printer side (whatever page size your printer has at the top of its queue, or the last page size you printed from). The PDF WILL be the size of the Layout settings when exported – it just looks like it’s wrong. Go ahead and export it, then open the PDF – you’ll see everything is correct.

Apparently there is an issue with the underlying QT framework with how this gets displayed in the Preview… but rest assured, it will export correctly.


Yes indeed, you’re right in that the PDF export does look correct. It doesn’t seem to have to do with my printer though as like I said, I duplicated the layout and then it looks correct. In any case, thank you!

Since PDF’s can be scaled up or down when printing (or displaying on a screen) the critical factor is the ratio of width to height, which is set by determining the Page Size in Dorico’s Layout Options.