Trouble installing Artist 6 on new laptop


I’m a registered user who uses Cubase Artist 6 on a laptop. I started by buying the CI+2 audo interface and it came with Cubase Essentials 5.

In November I bought the upgrade to Artist 6 and put it on the same machine. My laptop is now out of memory and I have a new laptop that I wanted to install Cubase onto with the same interface. I successfully installed the interface software and I installed Cubase Artist 6 but its not working. It says it cannot find the file SYNSOACC?

I cannot tell if the dongle (eLicenser) automatically installed on the new laptop but I assume so.

I dont know whats going on. Does someone know how to fix this error? I’ve paid hundreds of dollars to be a registered user so there has to be a way to install Cubase on different machines if you get new computers.

Any help is appreciated

Install the latest eLCC.


Thanks for getting back to me. Thats what support told me to do, but I already have the latest version installed. Its basically telling me that the SYNSOACC.DLL file cannot be found. I went to my Windows folder and looked in the system32 folder and I saw it, but it wasnt all caps it was lower case.

I uninstalled CubaseArtist6 and re-installed it and had the same problem. If already have the latest version of ELCC then what else couldit be?



do you have a 32bit or a 64bit version?
go to and re-install the elicenser only, re-installing cubase will not help.