Trouble installing Iconica Trial

Dear community,i need your help.
I seem to find myself in front of unspeakable people.
Some days ago i tried to install the Iconica Section and Players trial but when i entered the license in the Elicenser a strange warning message(but apparently very common in the community …) similar to this appeared: “another license of the same type is already in the elicenser than the one you are trying to download”.
Assuming that in my elicenser (and in my life) I have NEVER had any other license outside of Cubase 11 :

( so without a doubt the message from the elicenser revealed a bug in the elicenser itself) I proceeded to delete the phantasmagoric " license of the same type" in order to be able to retry the installation of Iconica Sections and Players but i got the same error message.


So I emailed Steinberg support and an operator named “Ed Doll” replied providing me many times with a code that did not work for the purpose of activation(same "dual license"error…).
This grotesque situation (it turned out that the many codes that he sent me every time were actually always the same one, but he didn’t tell me about it) went on for some days until I wrote him an email telling him to stop sending me codes, which had never worked to which he replied that,textual words:
“I am sending the same code over and over again because it is still unused. The screenshot clearly shows no other license activation than Cubase Elements 11 made.
If you do not enter the activation code under “Inserisci Codice di Attivazione” in the eLicenser Control Center, it will never work. So, here is the code again” etc.
He told me this probably because he presumed I have made some mistakes to enter the code, which is wrong, as demonstrated by the screen capture video I sent him in the following email showing me performing the correct procedure for entering it and the subsequent activation error message that appeared.
The drama continues and I get this email from him:
“I am sorry, there was a language barrier, it seems and I confused the error messages. I have had a look at your Soft-eLicenser. The reason this does not work is that there was already a trial license for Iconica on the Soft-eLicenser - for two days and that one was removed again to reasons beyond my knowledge. There is a limitation that only one trial license of the same license type can be used on a Soft-eLicenser. I am sorry but there is unfortunately no option to use a second trial license on this Soft-eLicenser”.
To which i replied:

"You are wrong Ed,but i hope hope you are in good faith.

The FIRST time I attempted to activate Iconica Sections and players the BUGGED message of the elicenser was: "another license of the same type is already in your elicenser " so i removed that licence and try different codes that you have provided me with to be able to succesfully install it.

It’s your specific responsibility now to provide me with a working activation code for Iconica Sections and Players,possibily a full and free version considering all these inconveniences and wasted time caused by the malfunction of the elicenser,which it has presented since the beginning, erroneously stating that I had a similar type of license when the only product I have always had in the elicenser is Cubase 11.

The job of a software company is to entice the customer to buy, and not discourage him from doing so.

If installing Iconica section and players is really not possible due to internal limitations of the elicenser, you should find an alternative way asap and in every way, f.e providing me another licenser,instead of just liquidating me like this.

I will point out this serious disservice to your superiors and in the official forum, not that to any person, including my students and collaborators who should ask me about the goodness of your customer service which so far has appeared decidedly mediocre.

Honestly,I don’t think there is any language barrier whatsoever, as you say,and if present, please tell me where you noticed it

Trusting in your cooperation

Maestro Stefano Petrini.

This Ed Doll continued to reply me in the same robotic and useless way:

Dear Mr. Petrini‍,

I am sorry if you see it that way. I have had a look at the server logs, which showed two different activation codes for a Iconica Sections and Players trial being used in connection with your Soft-eLicenser. The second one could then not be used anymore due to another trial license being active for two days already.
Hence, I cannot offer a free and full retail version as a compensation. There are certain guidelines and rules to make sure that every customer is offered the same conditions and opportunities. If you feel like escalating this on forums and to my superiors, I won’t be able to stop you, but either way, there is nothing I can offer at this point. Thank you for your understanding.

Finally,pissed off like a beast,I sent him this email:

Are you retarded ?

I told you before that i TRIED to insert new licenses because the elicenser told me that other licenses of the same type(?) were present in the elicenser (when there were no licenses as you can see from the screenshots),but i don’t have tried any Iconica software yet because the elicenser is bugged(as you can ascertain from the screenshots) and in consequence of this i’ve never been able to start it;i have also sent you a proof video.

Is your goal to make Steinberg’s customers indolent? You’re doing very well.

If they were still alive,My teachers Ennio Morricone and Louis Bacalov would be saddened to learn that a team like yours treats the composers of the future this way preventing them from trying the tools that would allow them to work and expand their artistic horizons.

I did courses on courses, very expensive master’s degrees and then ran into idiots (because you are actually idiots by behaving in this way) who deny the evidence and prevent the trial of their own products.

Dear community,I am tired of these horrors.
In the past i had encountered shortcomings in the support team, but never at this level that really outdid human decency.

Sorry for my not perfect english,i’m italian.

I have no more words.

Please help

I am known to have beef with anything steinberg but whenever Ed took over a ticket of mine they were solved immediately…

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my fault was to follow the bugged error message of the elicenser, that is to cancel the license because it was “duplicated”. Do you understand? I cannot run a product because I have followed the directions.
What a strange time to live

Your second screenshot shows the SDA not the eLicenser… btw

Can I nominate this for a self -important ranting post of the year award? I know we’re only in January but I really doubt we’re going to see a more pompous post over the next 11 months.


This forum is not allowing me to upload .avi ,I updated the picture

I need an answer

Can I nominate this for a self -important ranting post of the year award? I know we’re only in January but I really doubt we’re going to see a more pompous post over the next 11 months.

Yes, yes you can, maestro!

Gets popcorn…

Answer to what…

can you help me? i don’t have much time to waste

It’s not your imperfect English you need to apologize for, it’s your immature and insulting behaviour. Honestly you’re not going to get any sympathy here. ‘Are you retarded?’ Honestly, give it up.


Please… this is a user forum, to post your initial post again makes me upset…
Do you think we are stupid?
You asked nothing that we, the users, can answer.

Maybe try The Cubase users Facebook group , it’s run by a self acclaimed Elitist , you’ll get on well


this is an help forum,not your show.Please provide an answer,otherwise don’t waste the time of other users.I need a way to activate Iconica trial bypassing the elicenser bug that technical support refused to identify

So you had trouble installing a trial version of an app and your rather unhinged response to tech support was they owe you a free copy of the app? And you think tech support is the retarded one here?

Entitled generation…

What a nasty piece of work this “Maestro” is.

You could try signing up for a trial of Cubase and Ionica on a different email address/steinberg account. Create a new user account on your PC and use your trial activation codes while logged into the new user account. Might work, might not.

No,but at least i demand the trial version