Trouble installing Kontakt 6 into Cubase 10

A week ago I tried to upgrade from Kontakt 5 to 6, (Free player) and I haven’t been able to make it work.

I’ll start at the end, in case nothing else is relevant. Right now, I can only open Cubase if I delete the preferences folder. Otherwise the program hangs when it gets to the part about installing VST3 plug-ins.

Native Access is showing me that Kontakt 6 is installed. Inside Cubase, the plug-in manager shows no Kontakt 6 entry and the blacklist is empty. If I try to do a re-scan, it just sits there doing nothing, even if I leave it overnight. If I try to add a path, nothing shows in the path Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt or Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plugins 64 bit. But if I look with Windows explorer, I can see the Kontakt.dll file in the second link.

So thats the problem right now - I can’t get it into the plugins. I can see it as a standalone program. Re-scan isn’t working. The path isn’t working.

History of this past week: Uninstalled and reinstalled countless times. Had a lot of problems with K6 telling me it had failed because there was a newer version, so I hand-deleted all the Kontakt files I could find, until Native Access finally stopped complaining. Now it says INSTALLED and doesn’t offer to repair anything, like it had been. I have also tried it with Cubase 9 and the same thing is happening. I wish I had stayed with Kontakt 5 but that’s not a good solution at this point. I’ve contacted my local Steinberg support team and they suggested I update my elicenser. I did that. They were the ones who said I should delete the preferences folder to get Cubase running. But now they are too busy to go any further with me. They may have time for a teamviewer session in a week or so. lol. I am so tired of this now.

there shouldn’t be a problem to install both as Kontakt 5 lists as Kontakt5.dll while the new Kontakt 6 is listed as Kontakt.dll.

did you check your plugin manager? is the dll file in one of the vst listed folders? From what I understand from your post you don’t get your Kontakt plugin listed inside Cubase and not the Kontakt library inside the plugin correct?

I could probably get my Kontakt 5 file back and reinstall that, thanks.

Yes, when I checked through File Explorer I could see the .dll in Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plugins 64 bit, but when I opened Cubase and tried to add the path, in the Plugin Manager, that file did not present itself. And in the list of instruments, there is nothing of Kontakt or Native Instruments.

Could be not your issue, but in my situation I believed at first as well my Kontakt 6 was not available in Cubase 10.
In the end in turned out I was just used to the version number showing with Kontakt, so I expected Kontakt 6 to be listed as Kontakt 6 right below Kontakt 5. But it was just on top of the VSTi list as Kontakt! :slight_smile:

Yup just one of the things I discovered on the way!

I did the exact same thing.

Eventually I got a teamviwer session with my local rep. It took him less that 5 minutes to find the problem was being caused by some really old Waves plugin. It was something I had been trying to uninstall with success and it took him a few tries as well.