Trouble Opening 96 KHz Files

Greetings all.
I am new to this forum and to WaveLab8, which I am running in OSX 10.8.4. on a quad core iMac.
Whenever I try and open a 96 KHz file I get a warning dialogue that states the audio card cannot be set to 96 KHz, either the device does not support it [not the case] or the device is in slave mode and WaveLab cannot change it. I am able to open the same files in Peak and Sound Forge so I am perplexed that I have this problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Cheers from Cambridge, MA.

What audio card do you have?

What audio card do you have?

I have what comes with an iMac.

Are you sure your files are exactly 96000 Hz? I have no problem here on an iMac.

Yes they are. (And I appreciate your helping.)

If you really need a solution now, you could add the Resampler plugin to the Master Section, to play eg. in 48kHz.