Trouble punching in out MIDI in Cubase Pro 8

I’m using a MIDI-keyboard. I set the locators on each side of the spot I want to punch in and out (let’s say bar 25 to 30), and drag the project cursor to bar 22. I start recording, and everything I play from bar 22 gets replaced, not just bar 25 to 30. How do I change this?

Also, everything I recorded when punching in out overlapped, so I sat “MIDI control mode” to “Replace”, but even though it fixed the overlapping-problem, the sound is now only coming from what I’m currently recording. The part I’ve already recorded is muted, so I got nothing to guide me as to where I’m going to start playing when punching in out.

Any suggestions?

Well you have to activate the punch in out points (and either lock to locators or set them independently)

These controls are all in the transport bar.

Oh…and you don’t record for punch in…you play.

As Grim sais, If you activate punch in/out then just use play.

Ah, I pressed “record” instead of “play”. That was the problem. Thank you very much for the help! :slight_smile: