Trouble recording on Essential 5

Hi, fairly to new to cubase, so go easy on me.

I’m trying to record a drum track that i’ve imported on one audio channel and bass and keys that i’ve also imported on another channel/track?

When I go to record them together though there is no sound and no audio activity in the transport bar. I have the monitor button and record enable pressed and my CI2+ controller set as the as bus in and out in the vst set up and the channel inspector.

Probably just being a bit of a water boy!

Could anybody please help?

How do you record a drum track, that is already imported. Usually, either you record something, or you have it (imported) on your track already…? Or do you mean a (Export) mixdown…?
If Mixdown, then the input monitor (and best also the record button) should be disabled.

Yes i meant a mix down, all good now:) thanks for the help, much appreciated! :slight_smile: