Trouble recording voice on Garageband using MV5

Hi everyone, I bought an MV5 (Shure) and Audio Technica Headset. I am not able to record my vocals properly on Garagevand using the MV5. There’s always some distrubances when I start singing loud. Is there anyone else who has faced the same issue?

For this, the signal level should be set to around -18 db while the whole recording. Don’t record at around 0 dB, this might be causing the issue. This should give you better results.

Also, I have been using FL studio lately, as no garageband on windows. However, I still wish I was able to use Garageband on my laptop. Do you know any way to run it on windows?

Thanks @Thishis, I will do it.
Use Vmware application to use garageband for pc. Vmware is completely free application that is used to run macOs applications for windows pc. Here is the guide ( ) on that. Here complete process is well explained. Cheers!